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See real ghost photos, true dog ghost pictures, a spirit holding a lit oil lamp, spirits petting animal ghosts, apparition spirit photos, authentic paranormal cat pics, images of ghost faces, an unknown spirit creature, photos of Rods, Rods are floating or flying objects not seen by the eye, an aura image and real alien pictures, Reptilians and Grey. I took these genuine photographs of spirits after experiencing  paranormal activity. 
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Ghost photos by Don K.   e-mail   While living in a 2 story rooming house in St. Petersburg, Florida in the mid 1990's, I started to experience supernatural activity. I was scratched by something paranormal a number of times and sometimes there would be multiple scratches. Other activity included the switching on of fans, lights, and a heater by themselves, more than once. A container came off the shelf one night and sometimes when I would leave the room and come back, something would be on the floor that wasn't there when I left. I was drinking from a plastic gallon container when it started to leak. There was a cut on the side with scratch marks around the cut. Other residents reported paranormal activity also. I had seen spirit photographs before, so I decided to start taking pictures. Right away I captured an apparition on film at the top of the stairs while one of the residents was walking halfway down the stairs. I used a Polaroid instamatic camera and a 35 mm camera and I captured another entity on film at the opposite end of the hall from where I took the first photograph on the second floor. In the photograph you can see a white aura and a face. On page 748 of the Encyclopedia Of Occultism and Parapsychology, it writes about the white aura and face. The entity is holding an oil lamp and the oil lamp is lit. I have heard of a number of sightings where the apparition was seen holding a lamp. On the TV shows Sightings and Unexplained Mysteries, they showed a photo of what appeared to be an apparition holding a lantern. The photograph was taken on a train called The Spirit of Oregon. The train was said to be haunted. I moved out of the house when it closed for repairs. The Top of the stairs photo images on page 1 were featured on Coast to Coast AM. Coast to Coast AM with George Noory is a late night, early morning radio show that discusses aliens, extraterrestrials or ET's, UFO sightings, Rods, Bigfoot, the  supernatural, and other subjects. It's one of the most popular radio shows in the United States. The ghost pictures taken between 2002 and 2004 were taken in my apartment in St. Petersburg, Florida. The unknown floating objects in the photo images on this website may be Rods. Rods or flying Rods are sometimes discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, as well as other places. I never did see anything supernatural. In the authentic pictures of aliens, the ET's appear in a spirit form, they are alien ghosts. More information about extraterrestrial beings can be found on the internet. A page that I found interesting is The Lacerta Files. It's about an interview with an alien reptilian. Go to You Tube to see a video of the flashing colors of the Comb Jellyfish, it looks otherworldly or extraterrestrial. It's the 47 second video. Full screen is best. 

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